Andy Taylor has co-written or contributed to numerous scripts for corporate clients including:-

The British Rail Safety Campaign with Chris Lang.

Proud & Prejudiced for Coopers & Lybrand with Gavin Robertson,

A Story of Money for IBM with Gavin Robertson.

The Spy Who Loved Electrolux.

Executive Club British Airways.


His radio work includes:-

Love Starts Here (The original outing for Andrew Glasgow) with Tony Hawkes.


The Crusade Chronicles Radio 4 with Chris Lang & Simon Greenall.

Twenty Thousand Leagues Beyond The World Beneath The Waves Radio 4 with Chris England.

On The Blog Radio 2 with Kris Dyer & Dave Marks.

And several award winning radio commercials for both Talkback and Hilair Productions.


For television he has written:-

Your Mother Wouldn’t Like It Central TV with Chris Lang & Hugh Grant.

A Noble Order Central TV drama /comedy with Chris Lang & Hugh Grant.

Revolting Animals Central TV with Chris Lang.

Jellyneck Central TV with Chris Lang, Chris England & Morwenna Banks.

Alas Smith & Jones BBC with Chris Lang & Simon Greenall.

Up Yer News BSB with Chris Lang.

The Jockeys of Norfolk Tyne Tees TV with Chris Lang & Hugh Grant.

A Near Run Thing. TV drama /comedy.