The Jockeys of Norfolk: 'Three posh poofs!' was one memorable heckle. Fair enough.

Romeo & Juliet: One of only two rave reviews I’ve ever received.
“So we have a smashing Tybalt” Ludlow Gazette.
'Smashing' not bad eh? I mean alright they don't actually mention me by name, but, you know, that is the picture..being Tybalt 'smashing'. I was quite pleased with that.

An Evening With Gary Lineker: The beginning of my West End career. Actually the West End is pretty shite to do, as miserable as any regional theatre, only longer.

Jellyneck: Not bad production values, for a kids TV programme.

Inferno: This rare movie from 1992 featured an awful lot of soon-to-be Supermodels running around getting all hot and undressing and then falling into baths and getting all wet and just generally distracting the young English writer played by .. ahem .. me.

Directed by Ellen von Unwerth and with a script by Peter Morgan (yes, that Peter Morgan. I like to think that he owes much of his recent success with The Queen & The Deal, to the creative ‘partnership’ he and I forged on this cult movie). CLICK HERE to see some video clips from the film.

Fantastical Voyage: My other rave review. “Andy Taylor - a particularly fine T-Rex” The Independent . But for CGIs I might have made a mint in the Jurassic Park series.

The Jockeys of Norfolk with Ms Beatie Edney: Is it just me, or is Lang trying to fondle that birds breast?

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