On The Blog by Kris Dyer, Dave Marks and Andy Taylor, is a six-part comedy series about the internet and the increasing hold computers have over our everyday lives.

It stars Caroline Quentin, Simon Greenall, DeNica Fairman and Andy Taylor and was directed by Dirk Maggs.

Centred on the blog of Andrew Glasgow, a military history enthusiast, wargamer, painter of miniature figurines and desperate pursuer of a lady to call his very own.

“That rare thing - a funny new radio sitcom" – GUARDIAN
“The don't-miss comedy appointment of the week" - RADIO TIMES
"The funniest sitcom since Ed Reardon's Week" THE SUNDAY TIMES
"Likely to strike a chord with computer-slaves everywhere OBSERVER
“Andrew Glasgow… played with disturbingly nerdy accuracy by Andy Taylor” RADIO TIMES

On The Blog Series Three. A terrifying event has occurred, a shocking new dawn has broken in the world of Andrew Glasgow... he has been disowned by his mother.  At the tender age of 38 the war-gaming blogger faces the biggest battle of his life so far.  He needs to find a job …

Circular emails, time-wasting websites, illicit face-booking, health & safety and the I.T. department all come under scrutiny as the series casts a satirical sideswipe at the way we all use new technology in the office.

Will Andrew manage to update his blog, check his emails, facebook his friends and successfully hold down a day job? Will he ever be allowed back into “Mamma’s bosom”?  It’s hard enough having an ex-girlfriend, let alone an ex-mother …

Click here to listen to the controversial and unexpurgated ‘Eating A Pig’s Head’ pod cast.
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**Transmission of OnThe Blog Series 3 has now been re-scheduled for the 14th January 2010.**

What happened to Episode 6?

Episode 6 from Series 2 was inexplicably pulled from the scheduling shortly before transmission. Series Director Dirk Maggs, conscious that this programme dealt with edgy subject matter, had always been massively careful to ensure that it was not in breach of code and that it ended in an innocent and pure way.

Episode 6 was delivered THREE WEEKS in advance with its 'compliance form' attached (each programme must have one) clearly indicating sensitive content (which is to encourage early discussion of any problems). So there was plenty of time for the compliance process to flag it as a hazard if it still seemed dodgy and to then return it for further editing if that were the case.

Interesting to learn that the compliancy officer who decided to pull this episode in something of a knee-jerk fashion the night before transmission, was also the same dude who thought Jonathan Ross and Russel Brand’s bullying phone calls to Andrew Sachs were “... very funny” and “... ought to be broadcast”.

What this shows is the utter chaos in which the BBC had functioned. Where one item that perfectly conformed to their compliancy requirements was inexplicably pulled from the scheduling while another that so clearly failed them was actively promoted.

The end result is that writers now find themselves subject to some fairly absurd and stifling editorial control and I'm afraid that in the current climate of paranoia and indecision, the transmission of episode 6 remains a remote possibility.



On The Blog was produced by Above The Title. Series 1 was first broadcast in May 2007 on BBC Radio 2 to an overwhelmingly positive critical response.

Series 2 was broadcast in June 2008 to equally favourable response. The BBC's problem with episode 6 has never been clarified.