Andy Taylor has worked and written extensively for Radio, Television and Theatre in Great Britain. He was one third of a comedy trio, The Jockeys of Norfolk, who received critical acclaim at the Edinburgh festival.

He worked extensively for the Talkback Production Company during the eighties before co-founding Hilair Productions in 1989, where he wrote, produced and voiced several award winning radio commercials for both the UK and USA, as well as a number of scripts for corporate videos.

For television he has co-written Revolting Animals, Jelinek, Up Yer News, A Noble Order and A Near Run Thing.

As an actor Andy has performed in various theatre shows including the premieres of Fantastical Voyage and An Evening With Gary Lineker. His radio work includes The Crusader Chronicles, I Can Do That, Sunday Format and most recently On The Blog.

On television he has appeared in Harry Enfield, The Fast Show, Alas Smith & Jones, Paul Merton, A Pin For a Butterfly, Inferno, Colin’s Sandwich, Moving Story, Mickey Love, KYTV, The 10%'s, Red Dwarf, How To Be A Little Sod, Blind Men, Drop the Dead Donkey,  Celeb, Heartbeat, Bob Martin, Cold Feet, My Family and Manchild.